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I started writing programs in Rexx around year 2000. That was my first contact with writing programms. I started with simple things that beeped with different frequencies and lengths, later I wrote more complicated things. Most of the programs I wrote are'nt made for public release, but they work for me.
Some time ago I wanted to have a better input/output system than the simple say, pull, linein() and lineout() or SysGetkey(). I wanted to have frames to put text out and to input text, too. When I first thought of it, I coudn't find a way to implement it but when I got back to the thought later it wasn't that hard anymore.
I later noticed that there was a REXX port of curses, but I still like having my own program.

Object Rexx

One of the best things that happened to the Rexx-community was the release of Object Rexx by IBM. The source is now managed and developed by a growing number of contibutors. The RexxLa managed to negotiate it. For more information visit the Open Object Rexx homepage or the Project on Sourceforge. Thanks to sourceforge for makeing such projects possible!
When I got to know that object rexx would be available for free to most platforms I decided to rewrite my IRC bot in oRexx. Due to the fact I didn't know how to program object-oriented I had very big difficulties at the beginning understanding the concept behind it. After several versions which schowed I used the wrong approach I did a redesign and now it's working quite good. A side effect of this is that it's not a bot anymore but a class that enables rexx programs to communicate with IRC servers. For more information about that visit the orx-irc Project.

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